A Premier High School Education

Arbor Valley Academy offers more than 60 high school courses, including core subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences, Language, and History, Advanced Placement® courses, a wide variety of elective courses, and five languages. Our high school program for students in grades 9 through 12 provides an education that can take students anywhere they want to go. Our comprehensive Edgenuity curriculum offers online courses and our school is fully accredited so your diploma will be recognized by universities and employers.

Online courses delivered through the Arbor Valley Academy system give you any time, any place access to assignments, online materials, and communication from instructors. Arbor Valley takes your child’s online safety and privacy seriously. We take great pride in ensuring that our interactive and effective online learning environment is also a safe one.

Core Curriculum

Your child will work at his or her own pace with access to teacher support to ensure a rewarding online high school experience. Our premier high school has a world-class curriculum including online lessons that feature the latest in multimedia learning:

  • Online activities and tutorials
  • Virtual labs
  • Interactive graphics
  • Interesting concepts and real world connections keep students engaged

General Electives

As part of Arbor Valley Academy’s dedication to student academic success and in preparation for higher education, we offer a wide variety of elective subjects for students to explore. Whether you are taking general electives to fulfill your graduation requirements or supplementing your core curriculum to ready yourself for your college major, Arbor Valley Academy has the courses to support your academic journey.

Advanced Courses

High school students looking for more challenge can get the extra edge they need by taking Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses, which will prepare them to take the AP exams administered by the College Board. Many colleges offer college credit to students for successfully completing these courses. This credit varies by school and is dependent on the score received on the AP exam. Contact us to learn more.