Support & Guidance

Preparation for Life After Arbor Valley Academy

There are many ways to define success. At Arbor Valley Academy, we are proud of the countless ways that our students go on to shine. One student may go on to an Ivy League university, while another may pursue specialized career training, and a third may enter the workforce the day after graduation. The extensive and carefully tailored Arbor Valley Academy Edgenity curriculum and educational program is designed to establish a strong foundation for success in whatever a student wishes to pursue. Our teachers work with students at their own level, helping them develop their individual gifts and talents and overcome hurdles that may inhibit their success. As Arbor Valley Academy students work toward personal excellence, students also enjoy opportunities to build character, o build character, develop valuable collaboration and communication skills, and exercise creativity and critical thinking. Our goal is to help prepare all of our students so they may be successful in whatever field they choose to pursue after graduation.

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