Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2021-10-22T16:27:58+00:00

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What tools are available for parents?2021-10-22T16:22:50+00:00

Along with the curriculum, we give you planning and progress tools to help you plan your day, including an electronic calendar with suggested lessons for each day and a detailed outline of the total time required for each lesson. In addition, our built-in online tracking system helps you to determine how your child is progressing in terms of pace and development.

What computer skills are required?2021-10-22T16:22:35+00:00

Some basic skills are required. It is important that students are familiar with and able to use a computer, due to being an essential part of the program. The program is user-friendly so any students with at least a basic understanding of how to use a computer will thrive in our program.


How much time do students spend on the computer?2021-10-22T16:22:16+00:00

Computers help us provide you with effective assessment, planning, and time-management tools. That’s why we use a unique multimedia approach that also includes a great deal of well-written and designed textbooks, workbooks, and hands-on instructional materials. High school students spend an average of 6 to 9 hours per week for a regular course and 8 to 12 hours for an Advanced Placement (AP)® course.

How many of my children can use Arbor Valley Academy at a time?2021-10-22T16:21:18+00:00

Because Arbor Valley Academy provides all the lesson plans and materials needed for high school students, many parents find it easy to enroll multiple children in the academy.

Will Arbor Valley Academy work for children with special needs? What about gifted children?2021-10-22T16:20:51+00:00

Yes. We provide tools that allow students to work at their own pace. Arbor Valley Academy is a great choice for both students who need extra time to master a subject as well as those who learn quickly. Depending on a child’s IEP, we can tailor our curriculum to meet your needs. To discuss your child’s needs, please contact us.

Does the program provide textbooks and other instructional materials?2021-10-22T16:20:35+00:00

Yes, Arbor Valley Academy will provide all the instructional materials and textbooks as part of their tuition. Please contact us to learn more.

Will my child be sitting in front of a computer all day?2021-10-22T16:20:19+00:00

No, however high school students have more refined reading skills, so instruction and activities involve increased computer use according to educational standards. However, offline work will always be essential. So there will be time for both classroom and real-world learning at Arbor Valley Academy.

What role do computers play in at Arbor Valley Academy curriculum?2021-10-22T16:19:12+00:00

The curriculum and learning platform at Arbor Valley Academy—Edgenuity—are delivered online. Everything necessary for a comprehensive education is found in our Learning Management System (LMS) including lesson plans, attendance tracking, planning and progress tools, resources, materials lists, and much more.

What are Arbor Valley Academy’s educational standards?2021-10-22T16:18:56+00:00

Arbor Valley Academy has developed an exceptional, world-class program that is designed to exceed national and state education standards. Our academy’s goal is to provide high school students with an education that is superior to those provided at the best private schools in the United States, regardless of demographic constraints. Arbor Valley’s courses are Advanced certified.

What is the parent’s role?2021-10-22T16:18:37+00:00

In the online learning environment at Arbor Valley Academy, the parent acts as a Learning Coach who facilitates progress through daily lessons. Arbor Valley Academy will provide suggested weekly lesson plans to you that will update automatically as your student progresses. Our carefully tailored lesson plans can be customized to accommodate your student’s pace or abilities. We also provide parents a variety of tips, advice, and support to help ensure the learning experience is a positive one for everybody.

What subjects will my child study?2021-10-22T16:18:19+00:00

The core courses at Arbor Valley Academy are English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages. Our online high school is also proud to offer a variety of general electives on a variety of subjects including Art History, Health, Psychology, and Strategies for Academic Success. Visit our Course Offerings for a full list of all our courses.

How much does it cost?2021-10-22T16:29:00+00:00

The application fee for AVA during the 2021-22 school year is free. The registration fee is a non-refundable $70 per student fee. Tuition for an AVA degree-seeking program costs $1,000 per .5 credit or course. Student tuition that is paid in full for a full year, will receive a discount of $2,000. Please note that this tuition rate is for the following programs: AVA High School, AVA Dual High School, AVA-ALI, and Individual Courses. Prices are subject to change and vary depending on the region the students are enrolling from. Please contact us to learn more about our tuition and available discounts.

How do I enroll my child at Arbor Valley Academy?2021-10-22T16:17:11+00:00

Enrolling at Arbor Valley is an easy to manage, two part process. Click here for a link to the online application portal. Once accepted, you can complete your enrollment process and choose your classes.

What is Arbor Valley Academy?2021-10-22T16:16:56+00:00

Arbor Valley Academy provides high school age students a great American education. The courses at Arbor Valley Academy not only meet, but they exceed all national and state standards while also integrating the best educational resources available to create a premier high school curriculum that keeps students engaged in new and creative ways, allowing them to excel and direct their own learning.

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