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Day in the Life

Are you wondering how online learning could work for your family? Using engaging videos, images, and timelines, you can see what the online learning experience is like on an average day in the lives of several, very different high school students.

Known as the Learning Coach, an Arbor Valley Academy parent has a special opportunity to be a part of their student’s education. With varying time commitments based on grade level and student progress, the Learning Coach helps the student stay on track, communicates with online school teachers, and more.

Plus, you are not alone as an Arbor Valley Academy parent. We give you the tools, skills, and support you need to prepare and succeed as a Learning Coach; plus, we offer numerous ways for you to connect with other parents and families.


For military families, facing the possibility of deployments and frequent moves is a sobering reality. That’s why military families choose online learning from schools like Arbor Valley Academy, for the sense of consistency it brings to their home, the complete and challenging curriculum, and online school teacher and English language support.

Testimonials & Satisfaction Rates

A great way to get to know Arbor Valley Academy is to hear from the people who know us best. Contact us to learn what families have to say about the premier online school, Arbor Valley Academy and why they love being part of our learning community.


We invite you to explore the Arbor Valley Academy blog, a virtual forum for the latest in online learning. You’ll discover the unique benefits from our online learning community as you read inspiring student profiles and informative contributions from online teachers and thought leaders in virtual education.


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