9-12th Program – Online

Arbor Valley Academy’s (AVA) 9-12 Online High School program offers students the opportunity to complete their degree fully online. Our program’s flexibility, support and curriculum expands your child’s potential. AVA’s online learning program is designed to be engaging and challenging by preparing students for the 21st Century and international education opportunities through our partnerships and US issued high school diploma.

AVA’s accredited education program is licensed by the State of Michigan’s Department of Education as a private online school.

Why AVA’s Online High School?

  • World-Renowned Classes
    Arbor Valley Academy meets rigorous education standards and provides the best support and resources.

  • Transferable High School Courses
    Students have the opportunity to retake courses to graduate on time or help them strengthen their knowledge in certain subject areas.

  • Interactive Learning Tools
    Students will read and write, explore and create, practice, predict, and more in order to develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

  • Direct-Instruction Videos
    Expert on-screen teachers provide high school curriculum instruction, model strategic thinking, and make real-world connections.

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