A significant reason behind why students struggle to stay afloat and motivated in school is their commitments to extra-curricular activities. Often times, due to both the schedule of the school day, and after school requirements such as homework and studying, students end up prioritizing either sports over school, or school over sports. This often causes a student to do poorly in their academics, or causes them to feel resentful and disengaged for not being able to spend time doing what they enjoy and are passionate about.

Students with long term goals, specifically around athletics, often have to pitch why their interests are important, and why they should be accommodated to some degree by their school. Even if the school is willing to accommodate, there is oftentimes a lack of insight regarding what needs to be done for students to succeed in both academics and athletics.

AVA is aware of all the challenges that students face in a traditional school setting, and prioritizes creating an educational plan that allows students to reach success in both their academics and athletics.

AVA helps students involved with athletics by…

1. Being aware of requirements for long term and professional athletic goals. AVA is NCAA certified. Meaning all classes are accepted by the association upon graduation.

2. Having staff members at AVA that are aware of the graduation requirements in order for students to be accepted in the NCAA, and who will help make sure students are abiding by those guidelines.

3. Allowing students to learn on their own time, and at their own pace; giving time for students to go out and do the training and game performances they need to for their sport.


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